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Register now for the 2022 MLK Indoor Lacrosse Tournament January 17th

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This page will take you directly to the MLK Tournament Registration Page.

Any questions, contact Neena Merola!

Winter Skill Development Series Registration

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Any skills clinic questions, ask Neena Merola!

Neena Merola

Phone: 607-346-3163

Lyn Reitenbach

Phone: 16073396910

Get Laxified!

GET LAXIFIED!... You've been Laxified!.... I got Laxified!... Noun, verb or adjective Laxified is all about the sport we love. Laxified is completely dedicated to the sport of lacrosse. We love to play, watch, analyze, teach, organize, and promote the sport. People who love lacrosse understand, they've been Laxified. For those who have yet to discover the magic, it is time for you to get Laxified.

Laxified has spent decades supporting and promoting the game and began developing tools to help in the management of teams, tournaments and camps in 2005. We endeavor to create custom tools for lacrosse organizations. Laxified can help you improve your existing organization or event or start a new one.

If you want to learn how Laxified might assist your organization please feel free to contact us. It's all about connections, movement, flexibility and flow. Contact us today and get LAXIFIED!

Laxified helps you get informed, get organized, get connected................GET LAXIFIED 

John Mack Southern Tier Shootout