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Matt Palumb's Officials' Club

Matt's Lacrosse Resume


  • Starting goalie for Syracuse University for three straight NCAA Championship teams (’88-’90)
  • MVP of the NCAA Championship Game, 1988
  • 2nd team All-American, 1990


  • Began officiating lacrosse in 1992
  • First NCAA playoff game in 1999
  • Have been between the lines for 7 Division 1 NCAA Championship Games; 3 as a player (’88, ’89, ’90) and 4 as an official (’05, ’10, ’12, ‘16)
  • Officiated in the U19 World Championships (Baltimore, ’02)
  • Officiated in the Open World Championships (London, ONT, ’06)
  • Officiated 8 Major League Lacrosse Championship Games

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Matt Palumb

Matt Palumb




I’m very excited to put into motion an idea that I’ve been working on for a long time.  In short; I want to be a resource for mens’ and boys’ lacrosse officials at all levels.  The goal is to dedicate my professional life to helping improve the quality of officiating around the world.  I have partnered with Laxified to build a web-site that will provide a platform for officials to discuss their craft and provide resources that will help make you a better official. If you’re not an official, but love the game of lacrosse, this site will allow you to better understand what the people in stripes are trying to do to keep our game great!

Join Matt Palumb’s Officials Club for $69.95 per year and gain access to the resources therein.  I will publish a minimum of twenty articles annually that will cover some phase of officiating.  If you click here, this link will bring you to an article that I wrote that was published in Lacrosse Magazine about being a good mentor.  This is an example of the type of topic that I will be writing about.  Another aspect of this site will be for members to have the ability to ask me questions via email.  These questions can be about anything and everything that has to do with lacrosse officiating.  I will strive to respond to members questions within 48 hours.  If the member approves, the question and subsequent comments will be posted for others to see. The idea is to publish many of the questions I receive along with the answers that I’ll provide, and have a “chat room” that will give members the ability to further discuss each topic.  I also encourage members to send in film clips of plays that have happened in their games.  I will provide feedback on those plays.

Starting in February of ’17, I will be available to come to your area and speak to your officials’ group about issues that are most important to you. 

I welcome your feedback and invite you to write to me with comments, suggestions and thoughts. 

Thanks for visiting this page.


Matt Palumb