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MLK Indoor Tournament

Lyn Reitenbach


This holds true for the Ultimate Goal AND the Field. 
Turf shoes, yes, Sneakers, sure
Cleats, NO
Please make sure you have proper footwear on Monday.

2019 Registration Open

Register for boys or girls divisions ASAP!

2019 date: Monday January 21, 2019

The MLK lacrosse tournament is held at the Field in Lansing, NY.

Individual player registration below for players directed to register by their coaches. If you would like to play but do not have a team feel free to register and I will be in touch to let you know what team I have placed you on. 

Varsity, Junior Varsity, Modifie, Youth

Monday 1/21/19
8:00 am - 5pm
3 games guaranteed


January 20th, 2014

Creating an account with Ngin

Please note that you need to create an account with Ngin before you can register. To do this you must "Create an account" in top left corner of site and then retrieve an e-mail with a link to validate your account. If you do not receive the e-mail in ten minutes time you should check your spam folder and then let us know if you are having trouble. You can also chat Ngin at


The Rink/The Field
1767 East Shore Drive

Ithaca, NY, 14850
607-277-7465 (Map)

Lyn Reitenbach

January 18th, 2016